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PO Box 12568
Wellington 6144
New Zealand
Phone +64 21 333202

We know what's going on
Australia and New Zealand is home turf for us. We live and work "down-under". We're in tune with how people think and behave, and with a governmental and regulatory environment that is quite unique.

We have people "on the ground"
We know where to go and who to talk to. We have well established worldwide networks and contacts and we can quickly access a diverse range of both primary and secondary research sources.

A fresh "can-do" attitude
MIRS offers you the resourcefulness and ingenuity that New Zealanders and Australians are famous for.

We are responsive and flexible. And we place a lot of value on going to the source - getting into the field and doing primary research rather than restating what's already available through secondary sources.

Adding value, adding insight
Information on its own is meaningless. To make sense of it you need the right map or frame of reference.

As well as collecting information, MIRS can analyse and interpret it to provide the insights that lead to better decision making.
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