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We offer a comprehensive range of services:

Product and market scans and assessments
  Whether you are considering the launch of a new product or an acquisition "down under", MIRS can get the vital market, product, competitor, regulatory and other "soft" industry information to help you with your decision making.

Acquisition and merger research and analysis
  MIRS has helped numerous international clients by doing the ground work research, information gathering and analysis of target companies that they are interested in. MIRS prides itself on the direct contact approach with the companies of interest and not just relying on secondary reports which may be out of date.

On-going competitive environment monitoring
  MIRS is able to monitor a clients chosen industry and competitor environment on both a tactical and strategic level, so that they keep abreast of the activities occurring in the Australasian region. From this, they can make better business decisions globally.

Our clients value the insights we give them from our on-going monitoring of the competition and are able to plan before events rather than react to them afterwards.

Technical intelligence
  MIRS regularly monitors and analyses a number of local and international intellectual property databases on behalf of our clients.

Product and sample procurement
  Sometimes there's no substitute for the real thing. Often, a product offered worldwide is subtly different in each region. Packaging, pricing, branding and advertising can all vary, which is why MIRS offers the service of product and sample procurement. This service may additionally provide product photos, product documentation and shelf positioning in stores.

Industry and trade show reviews
  MIRS is an independent company and so we are able to attend industry and trade shows on behalf of our clients and to gather information in a non-biased way. When undertaking any industry or trade show review, MIRS staff attend as representatives of our company.

MIRS believes that attendance and reviewing of industry and trade shows is an essential part of a CI program as they can provide "first hand" information on the competition and market. MIRS has had instances where several products have been launched and we have been there ready with follow-up questions to the launching company.

CI Consultation
  At MIRS our people have over 10 years combined experience in the establishment and running of competitive and market intelligence units in a number of organizations. We understand the processes, communication, business requirements and the problems/issues CI professionals encounter - we know because we've been there!

MIRS can help you start from scratch and assist with the establishment of a CI function in your organization by understanding your needs of CI and end usage of it and help you develop a program that is within your budget and is effecting business decision making.

If you already have a CI program in place, and would like to evaluate it, MIRS is able to come in and evaluate the processes, whether it is meeting your needs and how it could be improved or altered to take your CI function where you want it to be in the future.

If you would like further information please feel free to contact us in confidence to discuss your requirements.
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